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Saga Iron Man hosted at Wycombe Warband in 2019 Saga Iron Man hosted at Wycombe Warband in 2019


Wycombe Warband is the wargaming club serving the High Wycombe and Beaconsfield area in south Buckinghamshire. We play all sorts of wargames, from ancient to modern, historical and fantasy, in different scales and using a wide variety of rules sets. Normally, we meet weekly evey Thursday at the NFTS, Beaconsfield (map below), although for the time being because of Covid restrictions this is currently on hold.

If you're new to wargaming, and think you might be interested, click on on the left to find out more about what it's all about. If you're thinking about joining us, read on to find out more about the club.

COVID-19 Rules! [07-05-21]

Further to the news that the NFTS will be reopening for club games, if you plan to attend please be aware of the following rules:

NFTS Plans to Reopen for Club Games [05-05-21]

At last some really good news! We've been advised by the NFTS that the club will be able to reopen again and the first club night of 2021 will therefore be Thursday 20th May. We are required to sign in with reception now and use hand sanitiser. Please note that the numbers of people using each of the rooms will be controlled so we will have to be more organised about booking games. If you wish to attend the club please don't just turn up! For the time being and until we have a better booking system, let us know via the email group or Facebook first and make sure that Jon has booked your game in.

Tabletop Republic [12-04-21]

Our local hobby store Tabletop Republic has now reopened its doors for retail sales. Tom hopes to make gaming and painting tables available as soon as the indoors rule of six returns (17th May at the earliest). Retail hours have yet to be confirmed but the website is always available for sales, with in-store pickup and paid uk-wide delivery available.

Saga: Punic Wars [03-04-21]

Despite the current restrictions, we've started a new Saga campaign in the Age of Hannibal universe. Games are being played using Tabletop Simulator for the time being. The campaign uses rules modified from our previous Deus Vult and Eye of the Raven campaigns. Use the link in the menu on the left to find out the latest news.

Aces High! [23-03-20]

Our World War 1 air ace campaign, Aces High, using the Wings of Glory rules, has been put on hold very shortly after it started. We will get things moving again as soon as we are able to play together again. In the meantime, you can see what a bally show our aces have put up during the first few sorties by using the link on the left in the main menu.

Saga: Deus Vult [20-03-20]

The Covid situation has meant the club's Deus Vult Saga campaign has been put on hold just before the last Campaign Season. Hopefully, we'll be able to play the last round of games very soon.

Join in the fun!

Now that the club has reopened, if you wish to attend please don't just turn up! For the time being while we don't have a better booking system please let us know via email or Facebook first and make sure that Jon has booked your game in. When attending, please follow our COVID rules:

For more about the club, topics we're currently discussing, and general banter take a look at our email list at Wycombe Warband on io groups, and join us if you would like.

We have an active group on Facebook so you can also catch up with us there as well, as well as various WhatsApp groups.

To find out what club members have been up to recently, see The Front Line for our latest blog posts.

We try our best to make sure that a range of different games is always available so that people can play something they enjoy. If you have a game and want to play it then there is sure to be someone willing to give it a go or more likely already a fan. We're currently playing quite a lot of Saga, but we like to play many different games and will have a go at almost anything.

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Above all, we set out to make our games enjoyable for everyone to play, and encourage people to take part. Whether you're a new recruit or a seasoned veteran, whether you're young or old, you'll always be welcome to join in, have fun pushing figures around and rolling some dice!

The school is easy to find, has plenty of space for games, free car parking and a subsidised bar that is open most evenings. Before you turn up, please make sure you are booked in though as attendance is currently limited because of Coronavirus restrictions.

Where and When Do We Meet?

We meet every week on a Thursday night from 7.00pm onwards, and occasional Saturdays. Making a day of it allows us to host big battle games, play several different games, or run shorter games several times throughout the day. In addition, we also have occasional wargames evenings and other fixtures. See our calendar of events for up to date details of what's planned over the weeks ahead.

We meet at the National Film & Television School, Station Road, Beaconsfield, HP9 1LG. Tel. 01494 671234. If you've booked a game but you can't find where we are in the building tell the security guard you're a wargamer and they'll give you directions.

I'm Interested - Who Do I Contact?

You can contact us at wycombewarband@groups.io or visit our Facebook group if you want to find out more information.