"The beatings will continue until morale improves." - attributed to the Commander of the Japanese Submarine Force

Wycombe Warband


Thursday 25th April 2019


Wycombe Warband is the wargaming club serving the High Wycombe and Beaconsfield area in south Buckinghamshire. We play all sorts of historical wargames, from ancient to modern periods, in different scales and using a wide variety of rules sets. If you're new to wargaming, but think you might be interested, click on on the left to find out more about what it's all about. If you're thinking about joining us, read on to find out more about the club.

Gaslands Constructor's Championship [17-03-19]

Anyone who is interested in playing in an ongoing Gaslands championship is encouraged to contact Andy at andy@wycombewarband.org. At the moment we are gauging the level of interest and working through the format of the Championship so for the time being please just register your interest and we will kep you posted as things move forward.

Saga: Age of Crusades Campaign [15-03-19]

Now that the club's Eye of the Raven campaign has ended we are setting up the next Saga campaign which we expect to kick off in a month or so. If you're interested in playing or contributing to the design of the campaign follow the discussion on our email group or contact Jon at jon@wycombewarband.org.

Saga: Eye of the Raven [15-03-19]

The club's Eye of the Raven campaign has ended with Tavish McTavish King of All the Lands and the Scots victorious - well played Bill! All the details of the campaign can be found at the Eye of the Raven pages.

Club AGM [24-01-19]

At the club's 2019 AGM it was decided that because of the healthy state of finances annual membership subscription would be reduced to £2.00 for 2019. If you haven't already, please pay Bruce as soon as possible. Many thanks all!

Saga: Iron Man II Rescheduled! [06-12-18]

The club's one-day Saga: Iron Man event has now been rescheduled for Saturday 27th April 2019. Rich Keenan will provide all the armies, terrain and rules for the day, which will be an opportunity to play games using the Saga 2 rules using some unfamiliar factions. If you would like to join in, or want further information contact Jon@wycombewarband.org.

Tabletop Republic [14-10-18]

We're all really excited about the new games shop in High Wycombe, Tabletop Republic, which opened at the end of September. The shop sells a wide and ever-growing range of games and gaming accessories, and has games tables available every day to book for a small charge. Tabletop Republic host regular games of many different wargames and Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying, and regularly run Blood Bowl leagues. Tabletop Republic is open every day from 10.00am-4.00pm in the Chilterns Shopping Centre at HP13 5ES High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire - Tel: 01494 257566.

Vanquish 2018 [28-05-18]

Vanquish 2018 was a great success. Our James-Bond inspired participation game using the 7TV2 rules attracted a lot of admirers and plenty of players of all ages, some of whom were new to wargaming. A very successful day and a lot of fun had by all. You can read about the game we ran here.

Season 4 of Eye of the Raven Map showing action during the final Campaign Season of Eye of the Raven

Join in the fun!

For more about what's planned for this week, topics we're currently discussing, and general banter take a look at our email list and message board at Wycombe Warband on Yahoo! Groups, and join us if you would like. You can also join our mailing list by sending an email to wycombewarband-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

We have an active group on Facebook so you can also catch up with us there as well.

To find out what club members have been up to, see The Front Line for our most recent blog posts.

We try our best to make sure that a range of different games is always available so that people can play something they enjoy. If you have a game and want to play it then there is sure to be someone willing to give it a go or more likely already a fan. We're currently playing a lot of Saga, Flames of War and X-Wing, but we like to play a lot of games and will have a go at almost anything.

Above all, we set out to make our games enjoyable for everyone to play, and encourage people to take part. Whether you're a new recruit or a seasoned veteran, whether you're young or old, you'll always be welcome to join in, so come along. Have fun pushing some figures around and rolling some dice!

The school is easy to find, has plenty of space for games, free car parking and a subsidised bar that is open most evenings.

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Where and When Do We Meet?

We meet every week on a Thursday night from 7.00pm onwards, and occasional Saturdays. Making a day of it allows us to host big battle games, play several different games, or run shorter games several times throughout the day. In addition, we also have occasional wargames evenings and other fixtures. See our calendar of events for up to date details of what's planned over the weeks ahead.

We meet at the National Film & Television School, Station Road, Beaconsfield, HP9 1LG. Tel. 01494 671234. If you can't find where we are in the building tell the security guard you're a wargamer and they'll give you directions.

I'm Interested - Who Do I Contact?

You can contact us at wycombewarband@yahoogroups.co.uk or HQ@wycombewarband.org if you want to get more information. You're very welcome to just turn up one night but if you've not been before and intend to use the car park please let us know in advance so that we can make sure a space is available.

Nick the Quartus Dominus The late Nick Slope, immortalised as Quartus Dominus for Footsore Miniatures' Gangs of Rome

Special Tribute to Nick

Club member Nick Slope, who sadly passed away in December last year, has been immortalised in white metal in the form of a 28mm figure of a Roman Senator, brilliantly sculpted by the talented Paul Hicks, cast by Footsore Miniatures and included in their Gangs of Rome game. Few wargamers ever receive this kind of accolade and if anyone deserved it, it is Nick.