"Radio is just a fashion contrivance that will soon die out. It is obvious that there never will be invented a proper receiver." - Thomas Edison

Tommies: 54 — Huns: -2

Aces High: The Campaign

Chocks away, chaps, for a grand new adventure in the skies! These bally pages are devoted to the club's Wings of Glory campaign, in which our chaps and their chaps get together in the skies for a series of missions over enemy lines.

Currently, the Huns look like they're on the run, but you can be sure that the replacement for Hauptmann von Schnapps and his Red Barons have something up their sleeves (apart from arms, that is). And it will be up to Sqn Ldr. Potter-Pirbright to follow in the footsteps of sadly-missed 'Barmy' Fotheringay-Phipps, and his brave Tommies to do all they can to see them off!

Use the links on the left to follow the campaign progress and the exploits of the pilots concerned.

Tally Ho! And may the best side win!