It is generally inadvisable to eject directly over the area you just bombed. - US Air Force Manual

Aces High: The Central Powers

Central Powers Score Chart
Flight AFlight B
TurnMissionVictory PointsTurnMissionVictory Points
1 Dawn Patrol -1 1Dawn Patrol-2
2Photo Reconnaissance-2 2Photo Reconnaissance1
3Photo Reconnaissance5 3Photo Reconnaissance-2
4Bombing1 4Bombing-4
5Bombing1 5Bombing1
6Balloon Busting3 6Balloon Busting-3
7Balloon Busting7 7Balloon Busting-1
8Trench Strafing3 8Trench Strafing-4
9Trench Strafing8 9Trench Strafing-3
10Stop the Bombers2 10Stop the Bombers-4
11Stop the Bombers8 11Stop the Bombers8
12Dawn Patrol0 12Dawn Patrol0
Flight A total Victory Points35 Flight B total Victory Points-13
Jasta Total Victory Points: 22