"Our bombs are smarter than the average high school student. At least they can find Kuwait." - A. Whitney Brown, during First Gulf War

Aces High: The Entente Powers

Entente Powers Score Chart
Flight AFlight B
TurnMissionVictory PointsTurnMissionVictory Points
1 Dawn Patrol 7 1Dawn Patrol5
2Photo Reconnaissance9 2Photo Reconnaissance2
3Photo Reconnaissance0 3Photo Reconnaissance7
4Bombing5 4Bombing7
5Bombing6 5Bombing6
6Balloon Busting6 6Balloon Busting12
7Balloon Busting6 7Balloon Busting13
8Trench Strafing6 8Trench Strafing8
9Trench Strafing4 9Trench Strafing18
10Stop the Bombers2 10Stop the Bombers9
11Stop the Bombers0 11Stop the Bombers-2
12Dawn Patrol6 12Dawn Patrol6
Flight A total Victory Points57 Flight B total Victory Points91
Squadron Total Victory Points: 148