"Even if a submarine should work by a miracle, it will never be used. No country in this world would ever use such a vicious and petty form of warfare." - Admiral William Henderson, 1914

The Games we Play

Although you'll often find us using the more popular games and rules sets, we play loads of other ones as well from time to time. We're always keen to give new things a try too, so if we're not playing your favourite game let us know and we'll try to do something about it. Some the rules sets and games we've recently played include:

Stargrave Dropzone Commander Mortal Gods Wings of Glory Saga v.2
Stargrave - 28mm Sci-fi skirmish in the Ravaged Galaxy Dropzone Commander - city battles in the far future Mortal Gods - 28mm ancient Greek skirmishes Wings of Glory (formerly Wings of War) - aerial dogfights from both World Wars Saga - 28mm fights in the Dark Ages, Crusades and more
Muskets & Tomahawks Shakos & Bayonets Bolt Action Test of Honour 7TV2
Muskets & Tomahawks - 28mm French & Indian Wars Shakos & Bayonets - 28mm Napoleonics Bolt Action - 28mm WWII gaming Test of Honour - 28mm skirmishes in feudal Japan 7TV2 - 28mm Spy-fi and pulp gaming
Gaslands:Refuelled Blood Bowl Lion Rampant Chain of Command Zombicide
Gaslands:Refuelled - 20mm post-apocalyptic vehicular combat Blood Bowl - The original fantasy football Lion Rampant - 28mm medieval warfare Chain of Command - Second World War company level action, which we play in 15mm Zombicide - Zombies!!!

...and many more. And we're always keen to try out something new!

Big Battles

Big battles that recreate the decisive actions of history are great fun for people to join in with and use to learn new rules sets. They can also be a fantastic spectacle to watch or be a part of. And sometimes they even end up with results like their historical prototype! We've used big battles as a way to introduce people to new rules, emulating the battles of Magnesia - the great clash of the Roman Republic and the Seleucid empire - and Gaugamela - the Persian Empire's last stand against Alexander the Great. We've got some great plans for other big battles we'll be running soon, as well. So if you fancy your chances as Alexander or Caesar, come along and join in. Just remember there are no guarantees that historical results will repeat themselves on the wargames table!

Russian Tanks Assault Across The River