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The Anglo-Danes

Roster at the start of Campaign Season 4

Campaign Season 4

The Anglo-Danes choose to sail south to raid the Franks in Picardie.

Roster after the Norse Vikings raid on York

The Vikings Raid York

Viking raiders landed on the coast of York, and rapidly moved inland towards Alfred's great moot hall, intent on its destruction. The Anglo Danes, determined to hold off the enemy from their prize, made a stand to defend the province, and a great and bloody battle was fought. The moral victory went to Alfred, even though only he and five Warriors remained standing, for all of the enemy bar the Warlord Floki Ubbasonson himself were slain, but the hall was burning and the Vikings had succeeded in their goal.

The Anglo-Danes lose 1 point of Wealth. Alfred lost 3 Hearthguard and 1 Warrior, and spent Wealth to recruit twice so as to fully replenish his depleted Hearthguard unit.

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