"My rule is: If you meet the weakest vessel, attack. If it is a vessel equal to yours, attack. And if it is stronger than yours, also attack." - Stepan O. Makarov, Russian Admiral

The Anglo-Saxons

Starting Roster


She read the letter again. It had been diplomatically worded, but the message was clear. Over the borders and across the sea, her enemies were restless, preparing for war. The charismatic, and in these dark times, well-educated Aethelflaed, Lady of Mercia was understandably concerned.

Not that the news had come as a surprise, though. The threat of invasion across the Anglo-Saxon borders had been building in the years since her father's death, and she had been wise to send spies into the adjacent lands to gather information. This fragile peace would not last long, she knew, and with the War Banner of her people prepared, she must now ready her army for the inevitable attacks.

Roster after Learn'd and Defend options, Campaign Season 1

Campaign Season 1

The Anglo-Saxons choose to Defend.

The word was sent around the whole of Mercia that Aethelflaed was raising an army, and during the year as trade improved, the ranks of her shieldwall swelled.

Although trade improved, the weather was bad in Britain this same year, and the crops failed in many fields. The harvest was poor, and Aethelflaed, in her wisdom, used money that she had gained to buy grain for her people.

The Anglo-Saxons roll Poor Harvest on the Fate table at the end of the Season, and suffer -1 point of Wealth.

Roster after Learn'd trait resolution, Campaign Season 2

Campaign Season 2

Aethelflaed once again proved herself a wise leader. The arrangements that she had built with merchants continued through the winter, and trade in the cold winter months was profitable, fully offsetting the effects of the year's poor harvest.

Before declaration of Campaign Actions, the Anglo-Saxons choose to gain +1 point of Wealth because of Aethelflaed's Learn'd trait.

Finally, the army was ready. Aethelflaed chose the strongest of her warriors and assigned then her war banner to carry into battle. Mercia was going to war at last.