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Eye of the Raven: Leaderboard

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Leader Board Campaign Victory Points:(Power) NOW and at the end of each Campaign Season
#PlayerWarlord NameFactionSTART1234
1 Bill Mitchell Tavish McTavish Scots 0:(10) 1:(11) 4:(14) 4:(15) -
2 Allan Saull Leif the Lucky Norse Gaels 0:(10) 3:(13) 3:(15) 4:(14) -
3 Jon Houchin Caradog ap Llewellyn Welsh 0:(15) 1:(16) 2:(15) 3:(17) -
4 Neil Humby Cnut Autokorrekthater Danish Vikings 0:(11) 1:(14) 2:(16) 3:(15) -
5 Andy Bascombe Charlemal, Son of Charlemerde Carolingian Franks 0:(14) 0:(17) 1:(18) 2:(20) -
6= John Randall Alfred Steptoe Anglo-Danish 0:(11) 0:(10) 1:(12) 2:(15) -
6= Andrew Cooper Aethelflaed, Lady of Mercia Anglo-Saxon 0:(13) 0:(13) 1:(11) 2:(14) -
8 Tom Fisher Ubbason the Bastard Norse Vikings 0:(15) 0:(17) 0:(12) 1:(15) -
9 Rob Gibson Conn Cétchathach Irish 0:(10) 0:(13) 0:(12) 1:(14) -
10 Bruce Brown Jean le Tard Normans 0:(15) 0:(15) 0:(16) 0:(16) -
11 Howard Bishop Magnus Magnusson Icelandic Viking 0:(11) 0:(12) 0:(9) 0:(5) -
NOTE: Players on the Leaderboard are listed according to rank at the current time (NOW). Ranking is by Campaign Victory Points accrued. Where players have the same Campaign Victory Points they are then ranked by Power. Players are shown in red if they are not currently Aethelings, as only Aethelings can claim ultimate victory.
Campaign Season 1 Actions

Campaign Season 1

At the very start of the year, Icelandic Vikings sailed south to raid the coast of Scotland (1). After beating them off, the Scots marched south to invade the lands of the Norse Gaels, but were held off at a mountain pass (2). Meanwhile, Vikings from Denmark successfully raided the coast of their sworn rivals the Irish (3), only to find their own lands attacked by Norse Gael raiders (4). Later, there was a second failed attempt to invade the lands of the Norse Gaels, this time by Anglo-Danes (5), and finally, the Norse Gaels found themselves again attacked, this time by the Welsh, who successfully raided their cattle (6).

Despite, or perhaps because of, the persistent attacks of other factions, the Norse Gaels are at the head of the leaderboard at the end of Campaign Season 1.

Our skald has written this poem summarising events during Campaign Season 1.

Campaign Season 2 Actions

Campaign Season 2

The second Campaign Season began with the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Anglo-Danish York, but after agreement by all sides and amendment of the Special Rule The Penny the result of the battle was anulled and the season started again (much to the relief of the Anglo-Danes). So action rebooted with the Welsh successfully raiding the Norwegian Vikings (1). The Irish then raided the Danish Vikings, with inconsequential results (2). The Danish Vikings, looking for a better result, raided the Anglo-Danes, fighting a battle that resulted in the death of Aarold Steptoeson (3) With their leader's death, things were looking bad for the Anglo-Danes, but fortunes improved with their new Warlord Alfred who came to the throe with his own pot of gold. He then led his men to attack the Scots, only to be beaten off without capturing the baggage they sought to plunder (4). Inspired by their success, the Scots then successfully raided the Icelandic Vikings (5). The Anglo-Saxon invasion of York was then refought, but this time the Anglo-Danes defended successfully (6). The Franks fought their firt battle of the campaign, raiding the Norwegian Vikings in Hedemark, which lead to the death of Ubba Goldtooth (7). Under their new leader, Ubba's son Ubbason, tt was then time for the Norwegian Vikings to take their own action, and they raided the Scots (8). Finally, the Normans saw their first action in the campaign, raiding the Anglo-Saxons in a battle which, other than the result, resembled Hastings (9).

The Norse Gaels, who defended and were not attacked, were overtaken by the Scots, who now hold top position on the leaderboard.

Again, an poetic account of events during Season 2 has been composed by our skald for your enjoyment.

Campaign Season 3 Actions

Campaign Season 3

Season 3 opened with the Irish raid on Strathclyde (1). Gunnblasdt's unsuccessful attempt to strengthen Iceland's roster with a raid on Norway (2) quickly followed. Attacks on Denmark by Aglo-Danes, raiding at Oldenburg (3) and Norse Gaels, successfully invading Jutland (4) troubled the Danes, but the Norse Gaels were to suffer themselves shortly after when Strathclyde was invaded by the Welsh (5). The last battles of the season saw the fall of Iceland. First the Danes raided at Bulandsness (6), the the Franks at Svinafell (7), and finally, unopposed (in what has been described as half a battle) the Anglo-Saxons at Eyjafell (8).

The Scots, despite being forced to defend having suffered a revolt at the end of the previous season, remain at the head of the leaderboard. The Normans, defending while Sir Sybald recovered from his wounds, were also left alone.

As usual, for your entertainment, the skalds have provided a summary of the season's events in poetic form. Enjoy!