"Don't worry men, they couldn't hit an elephant at this dist..." - Last words of General George Sedgwick, Union Army

Eye of the Raven: Leaderboard

Leader Board Campaign Victory Points:(Power) NOW and at the end of each Campaign Season
#PlayerWarlord NameFactionSTART1NOW
1 Bill Mitchell Tavish McTavish Scots 0:(10) 1:(11) 4:(15)
2 Neil Humby Cnut Autokorrekthater Danish Vikings 0:(11) 1:(14) 3:(17)
3 Allan Saull Leif the Lucky Norse Gaels 0:(10) 3:(13) 3:(15)
4 Andy Bascombe Charlemal, Son of Charlemerde Carolingian Franks 0:(14) 0:(17) 2:(18)
5 Jon Houchin Caradog ap Llewellyn Welsh 0:(15) 1:(16) 2:(16)
6 John Randall Alfred Steptoe Anglo-Danish 0:(11) 0:(10) 1:(12)
7 Ben Sibbald Sir Sybald Normans 0:(15) 0:(15) 0:(15)
8 Tom Fisher Ubbason the Bastard Norse Vikings 0:(15) 0:(17) 0:(14)
9 Rob Gibson Conn Cétchathach Irish 0:(10) 0:(13) 0:(13)
10= Andrew Cooper Aethelflaed, Lady of Mercia Anglo-Saxon 0:(13) 0:(13) 0:(11)
10= Alan Townsend Gunnblasdt the Savage Icelandic Viking 0:(11) 0:(12) 0:(11)
NOTE: Players on the Leaderboard are listed according to rank at the current time (NOW). Ranking is by Campaign Victory Points accrued. Where players have the same Campaign Victory Points they are then ranked by Power. Players are shown in red if they are not currently Aethelings, as only Aethelings can claim ultimate victory.
Campaign Season 1 Actions

Campaign Season 1

At the very start of the year, Icelandic Vikings sailed south to raid the coast of Scotland (1). After beating them off, the Scots marched south to invade the lands of the Norse Gaels, but were held off at a mountain pass (2). Meanwhile, Vikings from Denmark successfully raided the coast of their sworn rivals the Irish (3), only to find their own lands attacked by Norse Gael raiders (4). Later, there was a second failed attempt to invade the lands of the Norse Gaels, this time by Anglo-Danes (5), and finally, the Norse Gaels found themselves again attacked, this time by the Welsh, who successfully raided their cattle (6).

Despite, or perhaps because of, the persistent attacks of other factions, the Norse Gaels are at the head of the leaderboard at the end of Campaign Season 1.