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The Franks

Starting Roster


Charlemerde, the old king, was ill. He'd been lying in his bed for days close to death, the attention of the doting physicians making little difference. Death would come soon, thought his son, patiently waiting at his side in the way expected of the royal heir.

Charlemal reflected on his father's life. So many years of pampered luxury, avoiding politics and war. Worse, the old King hoped to die contented that his son would stay safe; that he would follow his father's example and do likewise, as he had always been encouraged. But Prince Charlemal was not his father. Though he dare not show it, the Prince saw the old man as an effete, pathetic figure. His life had achieved nothing more than to perpetuate the tradition since the time of Charlemagne of Frankish Kings who failed to live up to the achievements of their predecessors. That could not be allowed to continue. Already, acting behind his father's back, he had plundered the royal coffers to finance a small force of likeminded men and their followers. Soon, he thought, the old man will die, and then, trusting God to guide him, the son will rise and bring glory once again to the Franks.

Roster after Hard Ruler and Defending are resolved, Campaign Season 1

Campaign Season 1

Because of the Hard Ruler trait, Charlemal recruits 4 Levy at the start of the Campaign Season. The Franks then choose to Defend.

Two days later, a priest at his side, Charlemerde breathed his last. The old man died contentedly, having made his peace with God and with his son's reassurance that all would be well. Oblivious, it seemed, to the nervous uncertainty of the servants attending him in his last hours. As his father's spirit finally departed, the kneeling Prince, the new King of Francia, bowed his head in prayer, the priest beside him misinterpreting his thoughts.

"He is in Heaven now", the priest gently spoke. Words of kindness, yet misplaced. Charlemal raised his head and slowly stood. "Yes, Father", and you are with me - all of you". The servants exchanged glances as their Lord's stern gaze fell among them. They knew the consequences of failing to obey. "There is more need of you now in my army. By tomorrow, you will be ready to fight, and more will join us soon". Charlemal turned away from his father's corpse, and strode out of the chamber. God had answered his prayer.

By the end of the year, the months of practice had proved their worth, and these new recruits had become proficient enough as archers to join the ranks of the main army, ready to fight in the Season to come.

At the end of the Capaign Season the Franks roll Upgrade Levy on the Fate table.

Starting roster, Campaign Season 2

Campaign Season 2

As is customary in the land of the Franks, at the beginning of each year a few young men are selected from the villages of the land to join the ranks of the army. Thus, the ranks of the Frankish warband swelled.

Because of his Hard Ruler trait, Charlemal recruits 4 levy at the start of the Campaign Season. The Franks, now ready for war, choose to raid the Norwegian Vikings in Hedemark.