"Even if a submarine should work by a miracle, it will never be used. No country in this world would ever use such a vicious and petty form of warfare." - Admiral William Henderson, 1914

The Icelandic Vikings

Starting Roster, Campaign Season 4

Campaign Season 4

With the loss of Gunnblasdt, Iceland is plunged into chaos over the winter. The people suffered as rival warlords competed for control. For a brief time, supported by a popular rising, Magnus Magnusson became Jarl, overthrowing the house of Gunnblasdt, but this was not to last. Before the end of the winter, he was himself usurped by the warlord Bjorn Ironsides. There are rumours in some quarters that in becoming Jarl he may have been aided by the Norse Gaels, for Bjorn is a blood brother to Leif, as was Gunnblasdt the Savage. And as the snow recedes once again and spring returns, so a new hero rises. Bjorn Ironsides now takes the helm of this revitalised nation, seeking to make Iceland glorious once again.

The Icelandic Vikings effectively now begin the Campaign again with a brand new starting roster.

Bjorn decides that his men will raid the Anglo-Saxons in English Mercia.

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