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The Normans

Starting Roster


Leaning across the dragon's neck, Sybald gazed over the prow of his ship to the horses being led across a rickety gangplank onto the bustling dock below as his longship tugged gently against the ropes holding it alongside the jetty, its journey complete. Arriving home, as welcome as it was, always seemed an anticlimax after the long journey across the turbulent seas to get here. Still, Sybald thought, it would not be long before he might set sail again, perhaps next time to visit shores closer to home.

This time, he hadn't returned to Normandy entirely by choice. While in distant lands he'd received word from the Duke, his liege lord, that he was needed. War was on the horizon, soon, if word from England and the island nations was to be believed. And if that was true, the Duke needed him to lead his army into the field. It was a command as much as an honour, and could not be denied. But Sybald understood it was also an opportunity. Second in the kingdom only to the Duke, he was already an Aetheling - a man who could, and if all fell in his favour would - be king. He knew he had little choice but to set sail for home.

And now, here at last, he contemplated what the future held in store.

Roster after Defend options, Campaign Season 1

Campaign Season 1

The Normans choose to Defend.

While Britain and the islands seem to be all at war, there is peace on the continent. Trade between the Normans and Franks is healthy and Sir Sybald spends the time strengthening the defences of his towns and building his forces.

Unfortunately, the poor weather affecting Britain extends to the continent this year, and the farms of Normandy do not produce healthy livestock. Grain has to be bought from more fortunate lands to keep the people from starving.

The Normans roll Poor Harvest on the Fate table and the end of the Campaign Season. they lose -1 point of Wealth. Because their Faction have only 2 Wealth but 3 units of Warriors on the roster, one of those Warrior units is temporarily dismissed.

Starting roster, Campaign Season 2

Campaign Season 2

The harsh winter had left Normandy weaker than before, while other nations were becoming stronger and richer. The cost of the poor harvest had even meant he had been forced to temporarily dismiss some of his men. As a Norman, it felt uncomfortable to be in such a position. Funds had to be raised, and so Sybald readied his forces for war. Some of those enemies had also been weakened by the poor harvest, and were ripe for raiding. Sybald, prudent in the ways of war, had spent the winter making his plans. Emissaries were sent to the strongest and most battle-tested of the nations, the Norse Gaels - an alliance would make them both stronger in the year ahead. And he had just received word from Leif, accepting his proposal. He smiled. It was time to raid into wealthier lands across the sea.

The Normans choose to raid the Anglo-Saxons in East Wessex.