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The Norwegian Vikings

Starting Roster


The crows gathered, their calls rasping harshly as they circled above, patiently waiting to pick at the carcass of the dead horse. Below, in the centre of a stone circle, Ubba made sacrifice to Odin again. The gods looked down on him from Asgard, recognising him as a true Warrior, a man worthy of joining the feasting table at Valhalla. He was ready, this time, or so he thought.

Each in turn, his eyes met those of his chosen men, reading the small signs in their expressions. He could see that they understood, that they knew the wind and the seas were favourable, and that it would soon be time to set sail, to travel westward to plunder wealthier lands on foreign shores. It was a good time to raid, and that was the reason he had sought the counsel of the Gods.

As the blood of the sacrifice soaked into the ground beside the stones, he gazed up to the sky, where two of the crows had separated from the flock to fly closer. He smiled, the light of the sun momentarily glinting off his gold tooth. Yes, the omens were good, for Odin was watching. Ready or not, they would set sail soon.

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