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The Norwegian Vikings

Starting Roster, Campaign Season 2

Campaign Season 2

It was true, gold had been steadily coming into the Jarl's coffers through the year - more than perhaps could have been expected. The sacrifices to the Gods had paid dividends, with a good harvest in Norway, while other nations across the seas had suffered. As Odin's chosen, this was to be expected. Now at last the time was right to plunder gold from the enemies of the Vikings. The longships were ready to set sail.

The Norwegian Vikings choose to raid Scots Northumbria, but are themselves raided twice, first by the Welsh and then by the Franks, before they are able to make their own move.

Roster after the Welsh raid on Firthir, Campaign Season 2

Attacked by Welsh Raiders

Before they are able to put their plans in place, the Vikings are raided by the Welsh.

It was not without surprise that Ubba first received the news of foreign raiders approaching the shores of his land. To be frank, he thought, that was simply not the way things happened: the Vikings should be the ones doing the raiding, not the other way around. He felt quite disgruntled about the whole thing.

And then, to make it worse, his advisers had informed him that they had identified the weird beasts and vegetables adoring the ships as dragons and leeks and that he was being raided by the Welsh, which made things even worse. Welsh raiders in Norway indeed! Something needed to be done, and he would see it that they learned their lesson on the battlefield.

Unfortunately, the day did not get any better for Ubba. The foreigners pillaged and burned and got away with their plunder, despite his best efforts.

The Norwegian Vikings lose Harry and Burn against Welsh raiders. They lose -1 point of Wealth.

Roster after the Frankish raid on Hedemark, Campaign Season 2

The Death of Ubba Goldtooth

Soon after the Welsh raiders had departed, the Vikings were again raided by foreigners, this time the Franks.

Knowledge of Ubba's hoard of gold had travelled widely, and other foreigners looked with jealous eyes at the lands of the Norwegian Vikings. Amongst these were the Franks, who had sent an expedition into the north, led by Charlemal, their recently-crowned king. Frankish ships had been spotted offshore, in the mouth of the Great Fjord of Hedemark, near to a temple where some of Ubba's hoard was held. The Jarl took a chance. The treasure would be moved inland, swiftly, before the raiders could act. But somehow the Franks learned of the plan, and their Warband, who had expected to be attacked when taking the gold away themselves, instead found them attacking a Viking baggage train.

Around a small village amidst hills and moorland, the forces met. The Franks seemed to hesitate as the Vikings advanced, but then unexpectedly counterattacked, and brave Viking warriors fell as a path to the baggage opened. Leading his berserkers peronally, Ubba charged, but the enemy held and many brave berserkers fell, and one of the baggage was lost.

While Ubba squared off against the King of the Franks, supported by his faithful warriors, he sent the baggage on a wide manoeuvre to the flank around the village in a bid to escape. All the Franks could do was send one unit of warriors to attempt to cut ehm off, while the Warlords met in battle together. But alas! Ubba, in a desperate fight, was slain on the hillside and, their leader fallen, the last of the Vikings - a single brave warrior - returned to tell the tale of Ubba's last stand.

A more detailed report of this battle can be found here

The Norwegian Vikings now have a new Warlord, Ubbasson the Bastard, who now has a Blood Feud against Charlemal. They lose 1 point of Wealth for losing the raid. They lost 1 Hearthguard and 4 Warriors, and recruited a new unit of 9 Levy.

Roster after raiding Scottish Northumbria, Campaign Season 2

Ubbason's First Battle

Ubbason, keen to demonstrate leadership to his men after coming to power, determines to continue his father's plan and raid the Scots. The Norwegian Vikings launch their raid against Scots Northumbria as planned.

After a long and rough crossing of the Northern Sea, the Vikings landed on the Scottish coast and moved inland. At the crossing-point of a stream within a narrow valley, amongst rocky ground, they met the Scots defenders. at Battle at the Ford, they are held back and, defeated, return home empty-handed.

The Vikings were first to advance, attempting to cross the river with support from the bowmen behind. At the same time, the Viking warriors attempted to cross the river to their left, with Odin protecting them from Scots archery. The Viking hearthguard met the Scots warriors in a short, bloody fight, in which the Scots stood firm and the Vikings fell. Enthused by this victory, the Scots attacked the Viking warriors who, being unprepared for their assault, were brutally mauled. With only two of their number remaining, the warriors pulled back, and Ubbason, his berserkers at his side, roared in defiance and charged, calling upon Odin to bring him victory.

Four of the enemy fell, but Ubbason was wounded and with the berserkers lying dead could not continue alone. With regret, he ordered his men to fall back, and they returned to their boats empty-handed.

After a homeward journey that was even more uncomfortable than the voyage to Scotland, Ubbason, hurting from his wounds, blames the tired old warriors he inherited from his father for this setback. Needing younger, keener, braver men to fight, he recruits many new warriors to his warband. Once rested from his wounds, he will be ready for a new chapter in the Ubba family saga to begin.

Rumours spread by rival Vikings in Denmark that Ubbason had to row his own boat back home and that therefore should be nicknamed "Michael" are largely unfounded.

Ubbason is severely wounded, and must Defend in Campaign Season 3 while he recovers from his injuries. Even then, his wounds mean that he permanently loses one of his attack dice. The Vikings lose 1 berserker, 1 hearthguard, and 2 warriors. They merge their depleted warrior units together. Spending 1 point of wealth for extra recruitment, they add another 16 warriors to their roster in two units of 8.

Roster at the end of Campaign Season 2

Ubbason's luck didn't improve over the winter. His roll on the Fate Table at the end of the Campaign Season resulted in Revolt! He lost 5 Levy and one point of Reputation in dealing with the miscreants.

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