Everything which the enemy least expects will succeed the best. - Frederick the Great, Instructions to his Generals

The Norwegian Vikings

Roster after the Icelandic raid, Campaign Season 3

Campaign Season 3

The Norwegian Vikings are compelled to defend during Campaign Season 3 while he recovers from his wounds (and while his land recovers from the revolt). Norway has certainly seen happier times. Ubbasson the Bastard gains one Wealth because of increased trade and recruits an additional eight levy to his roster. But before the year is out, his land is raided early in the year by Icelandic Vikings intend on stealing even more of his gold.

Icelandic Vikings Raid Vestfold

this time, Ubbason had the gods on his side. Word reached him of the Icelandic raiders who had landed on the coast at Vestfold in sufficient time to raise a force together to oppose them, and to identify a suitably defensive position at the crossing of a small stream in their path. The Vikings lay in wait for the raiders as they moved inland.

When the Icelanders attacked they were met with equal force. The Norwegians fought hard, with Ubbason in the front rank, maintaining their positions even when their Lord fell wounded. Puling his body to safety, the defenders held, driving the raiders back to their boats in a desperate struggle for survival, but Ubbason was so badly wounded that he was to be invalided that winter, and so his faction was inherited by his son Floki.

Ubbason gains one CVP and one point of Reputation for successfully defending. Despite winning the battle, he was wounded again. His opponent rolled twice on the Warlord casualty table, getting Heroic Wound both times, which gives Ubbason one bonus point of Reputation. The Norwegian Vikings lost four warriors, who were replaced during the post-battle recruitment. Ubbason then spent one point of Wealth to recruit two berserkers.

At the end of the season Ubbason carries out his last action as Jarl, rolling Upgrade Levy on the Fate Table, but declines to do so. Floki Ubbasonson takes over the Norwegian Viking faction at the beginning of Campaign Season 4.

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