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The Norwegian Vikings

Roster at the start of Campaign Season 4

Campaign Season 4

The new Jarl Floki knows he must demonstrate his skill in battle, and so he orders longshships to sail to raid the coast of Anglo-Danish lands, at York.

Roster after raiding York

The Vikings Raid York

VTo seal his reputation as a true Norseman, and confirm his right to lead the Norwegian Vikings, Floki Ubbasonon led his warband in a raid across the sea and into the Anglo-Danish province of York. Seeking to raid the great moot hall of Alfred Steptoe, his men landed and advanced inland. The enemy were determined to keep them from their prize, and a mighty battle was fought, with many brave men reaching Valhalla. At the end, the only Viking still standing was Floki himself, but despite such heavy losses they had achieved their objective for the hall had been plundered and was burning.

The Norse Vikings gin +1 CVP and +3 points of Wealth. They lost 1 Berserker, 1 Hearthguard, 2 Warriors and 3 Levy, and chose to spend 1 point of wealth to recruit twice, recovering the Berserker and Hearthguard and 3 Levy.

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