"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Napoleon Bonaparte

The Scots

Starting Roster


Here at the edge of the high tower, the wind blew roughly through his hair as Tavish, newly hailed Chieftain of Clan Tavish leaned across the stone battlements to survey his land. Yes, it was his land, now, after his father's death. And he would rule it well, with the help of the gods, along with the people of the highlands and islands of the lands of the Scots. And at last, Tavish thought, it was time to carve his own name in legend.

But he was not a man to neglect his duties. His father had been a great man, well-loved and respected, and Tavish intended to continue that legacy. And he knew a way to make his mark soon, now that war was coming. There was a blood feud that had not been settled. An old enmity between his father and the king of the Norse Gaels, whose people still occupied the contested hills to the south-west, between the lands of the Scots and the western sea that separated the island kingdom of the Irish from the mainland. A people that continued to insult the holy traditions of this sacred land with their new, strange, Christian wiles. With the death of his father, he had inherited that debt of honour, and now sought to settle the blood feud once and for all. The priest had agreed, the gods would guide him to his destiny. Yes, he thought, it is my time at last.

Roster after fighting off Viking raiders, Campaign Season 1

Campaign Season 1

The Scots decide to avenge the blood feud against the Norse Gaels and invade Gododdin. But as they travel south, they first encounter a raiding force of Icelandic Vikings, whose leader is oathsworn to Leif the Lucky.

Tavish gathered a small force of picked men, and led them south toward the border with Gododdin. He'd given a rousing speech earlier; his men had waved their swords high and thumped their shields with enthusiam, the rooks disturbed from their nests in the tall trees around joining in the clamour as they took to the air. Raiding was not enough. The revenge of the Scots would take the form of invasion.

But some days along the road south, shortly before they crossed the last river before the border, they heard news of a more pressing concern. A shepherd, whose sheep were grazing the lush grass on cliffs to the west, had seen the square sails of serpent-prowed ships, moving south, close to the coast. These longships had entered a small bay and weighed anchor, and a small force of raiders had left the ships to begin moving inland. On the other side of the river ahead, these men could be no more than a day's journey away.

Tavish knew that the place where the road crossed the river - a wide and shallow ford where the river turned a broad curve toward the sea - would be the ideal place to make a stand, and in due course the battle at the ford was brief and decisive. The raiders were held and seen off, bloodied, back to their ships, and the Scots, undeterred, continued southwards.

The Scots win the Battle at the Ford defending against raiding Icelandic Vikings, gaining 1 CVP and +1 Reputation for defending successfully.

Roster after being repelled from Gododdin, Campaign Season 1

It was only a few days after fighting the Vikings that the Scots crossed the border into the lands of the Norse Gaels. Here, near a small church held sacred to his enemy, the two armies met and a battle was fought for possession of the land. The Scots fought hard, but their victory over the Icelanders must have taken a toll from them, for they were defeated by the Norse Gael defenders, to their surprise and disappointment. Bloodied and shamed, they fell back in disarray into their own lands.

The invading Scots lose Sacred Ground against defending Norse Gaels.

As winter approached, Tavish made arrangements for some of the younger men of the clan to be trained in the ways of war. He had not expected this to have been such a challenge, but by the end of winter the men were no more improved than before. There was nothing for it - it was clear the only way they would improve was on the field of battle.

At the end of the Campaign Season, the Scots roll Upgrade Levy on the Fate table. Unfortunately, they do not have sufficient Wealth to susain any more Warrior units, so the upgrade is cancelled.

Starting roster, Campaign Season 2

Campaign Season 2

Through the long winter, Tavish took stock of the situation. His attempt to invade the lands of his rival, Leif of the Norse Gaels, had come to nothing, that enemy proving stronger than he had expected. But the Icelandic raiders had been beaten back earlier that year with far less effort, and their Warlord was oathsworn to Lief. He had heard that the Godi of Iceland was a rich man, and another victory over Leif's blood brother would serve as a strike against Leif himself. It was time to raid across the northern sea into Iceland.

Following up their victory against Viking raiders, the Scots decide to hit at the oathsworn of their blood enemy and raid into Iceland at Bulandsness.