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The Anglo-Danes

Roster after raiding Denmark, Campaign Season 3

Campaign Season 3

The Anglo-Danes choose to raid the Danish Vikings in Oldenberg.

The Oldenburg Raid

Tales had reached Alfred's court of the wealth of the Danish Vikings, and with Anglo-Danish coffers almost empty, he ordered his warband to make ready to cross the eastern sea and raid the shore of Oldenburg. The Anglo-Danes were quick to act, coming across a village in rich farmland near the coast, and falling upon it with vigour. The Vikings, caught by surprise, resisted strongly but the wrath of the Anglo-Danes was too much for them and the enemy escaped laden with gold.

Raiding Oldenberg, the Anglo-Danes won Harry and Burn against the Danish Vikings. They gain +1 CVP as well as a much-needed 3 points of Wealth. Alfred lost three warriors which were both then replaced by post-battle recruitment.

Roster at the end of Campaign Season 3

At the end of the Season the Anglo-Danes roll Upgrade Warriors, and choose to upgrade one of their warrior units to Hearthguard armed with Dane axes.

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