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The Anglo-Danes

Roster at the start of Campaign Season 4

Campaign Season 4

The Anglo-Danes choose to sail south to raid the Franks in Picardie.

Roster after the Norse Vikings raid on York

The Vikings Raid York

Viking raiders landed on the coast of York, and rapidly moved inland towards Alfred's great moot hall, intent on its destruction. The Anglo Danes, determined to hold off the enemy from their prize, made a stand to defend the province, and a great and bloody battle was fought. The moral victory went to Alfred, even though only he and five Warriors remained standing, for all of the enemy bar the Warlord Floki Ubbasonson himself were slain, but the hall was burning and the Vikings had succeeded in their goal.

The Anglo-Danes lose 1 point of Wealth. Alfred lost 3 Hearthguard and 1 Warrior, and spent Wealth to recruit twice so as to fully replenish his depleted Hearthguard unit.

Roster after the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Danish Mercia

The Anglo-Saxons Attack

Alfred Steptoe's army stood against the Anglo-Saxon invader, doing all they could to hold a defensive position at an old watchtower on the contested border. But Aethelflaed's army was too strong, and with the fall of Alfred in battle the Anglo-Danes had little choice but to retire and concede the province to their enemy.

The Anglo-Danes lose The Watchtower and concede the province of Danish Mercia to the Anglo-Saxons. Alfred was severely wounded in combat and reduces his Aggression by 2 to 6. As he has the War-Toothed trait, he is not forced to Defend during Campaign Season 5. The Anglo-Danes lost three Hearthguard and two Levy. They recruit two replacement Hearthguard.

Roster after the raid against the Franks

Raiding the Franks

Alfred, keen to restore his reputation as a great warrior, sought his own victory by raiding across the sea to the Frankish province of Picardie. Landing unopposed, his warband moved inland to capture an area of sacred, holy ground. They were met there by a Frankish warband led by Charlemal, and battle commenced. The Anglo-Danes contested a central hill in strength, while warriors fought to control an area of rocky ground. And though the contest was close, in the end the Anglo-Danes were not strong enough to assert their dominance and were forced to retreat to their ships and set sail for home.

The Anglo-Danes fight the scenario Sacred Ground with 4pt warbands, but were unsuccessful. They leave the field empty-handed. The Anglo-Danes lost three Hearthguard and one Warrior. With two random recruitment rolls they obtained 2 Levy archers. It was clear to all that Loki played tricks with the Anglo-Danish recruitment, for the first cast of the runes granted 2 Levy archers which exactly replaced the losses in both existing units, while the second produced another two levy that could not be added to the roster! Two Levy for the cost of one point of Wealth is cruel indeed.

At the end of the Campaign Season the fates decreed that the Anglo-Danes could upgrade one of their Levy units, but Alfred chose to decline this option.

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