"If my soldiers were to begin to think, not one would remain in the ranks." Frederick The Great

The Anglo-Danes

Roster at the start of Campaign Season 5

Campaign Season 5

The Anglo-Danes choose to Invade and reclaim Danish Mercia from the Normans.

Roster after repelling the Norman invaders

The Defence of East Anglia

Alfred's beleaguered force determinedly faced the Normans, intend to expand their territory into East Anglia. A War-Toothed Warlord, Alfred set the warband size at 4 points in the scenario Take the High Ground. After a hard-fought defence, the Anglo-Danes prevailed, Alfred victorious.

The Anglo Danes gain +1 point of Reputation and +1 CVP for their successful defence. They lost 2 Hearthguard and 2 Levy and recruited 2 Hearthguard.

Alfred's skald, Osferth the Righteous, relates the tale:

"Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye

I bring great news of a Victory for our Courageous Lord, Alfred Steptoeson of Eoferwic. He met a horde of invading Northmen at the borders of our kingdom. Our brave fyrd deployed on a line of Hills that made the Invader unhorse before trying to attack our embattled brethren. Although there were many losses our brave kin staved off the attacker. The Dunholm fyrd earned themselves a shilling by grieviously wounding the leader of the invaders with some superb archery, this was after the heathen had tried to kill Alfred himself, but with ax swinging our glorious Lord saw the attacker off. He then singlehandedly saw off a mass of Warriors on our sacred land. He now calls for any able bodied men to join him as we try to liberate our Northern lands from these defilers."

Roster after repelling the Irish raiders

The Irish Raid Suffolk

Other jealous eyes looked at the lands of the Anglo-Danes this year, and raiders from far-away Ireland were then next to challenge Alfred's land. Meeting the raiders on the Suffolk coast, the Anglo-Danes fought bravely and saw the raiders off, causing grevious losses to their foe.

Alfred gains +1 Reputation for a successful defence and +1 CVP. He lost one Hearthguard and one Warrior. He recruited twice at the cost of one point of Wealth, gaining three Warriors and two Levy.

Once again Osferth the Righteous tells the tale of Anglo-Danish victory:

"Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye

I bring news of another stunning victory for our Lord, Alfred Of Eoferwic. He rushed accross our lands to defend against a raid by the Heathen Irish. The Eleg Fyrd answered the call and defended a small hamlet. Although the Heathen Irish managed to damage some property and burn some fields they were beaten off before doing any more harm. Our Lord's Huscarls made merry slaughter amongst the Irish.They swung their axes with gay abandon and killed a horde of warriors and even a Great Champion. Our Lord still calls for able bodied men of fighting age to aid him in liberating our land and kin from the vain Northmen. Assemble on Ash Wednesday at Eleg in Suffolk."

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