Much to the annoyance of his ally General Canrobert, Lord Raglan would consistently refer to their common Russian enemy as 'the French' - Christopher Hibbert, The Destruction of Lord Raglan

The Danish Vikings

Starting roster, Campaign Season 2

Campaign Season 2

Dismissing thoughts of the Norse Gael raid, Cnut basked in his success earlier that year. The Irish had proved soft, easy to defeat. He could not conceal his pleasure at the thought of his blood enemy's anger. He had thought to raid the shores of that land once again this year, but news had come to him of a more promising opportunity. The Anglo-Danes, weakened by the poor harvest across their lands, were looking vulnerable, and the monasteries and towns along their coast were known to be rich in gold. Cnut knew this was an opportunity that could not be missed.

The Danish Vikings turn their attention away from Ireland, choosing instead to raid the Anglo-Danes in East Anglia, but the Irish, seeking to avenge events of the previous year, raid them first.

Roster after the Irish raid, Campaign Season 2

Defending Against the Irish

The Danes, caught somewhat by surprise, soon found their homeland being threatened by their hated foe, the Irish, intent on raiding Jutland. Unforgiving and unaccepting, their enemy had pursued them all the way to Denmark to recapture their stolen cattle. This was unacceptable; Cnut's men would fight to the death to retain their prize - it was a matter of Viking honour.

The armies faced each other on the open green fields of Jutland, watched by the cattle. They came together in a mighty clash of swords and shields, and many good men fell. The battle was close, though, and Cnut had to call on Odin's help in the end to prevent defeat. The All-Father answered, as the two Irish champions both fell to Viking blades, and the raider first hesitated, then ordered the retreat. Though indecisive, the cattle had been retained, and Danish honour was intact. Seeing the enemy withdraw, Cnut ordered his men to hold back. Enough blood had been shed over these cows.

The game ended as a draw. The Danish Vikings lost 1 Hearthguard and 2 Warriors. They recruited 2 Hearthguard to replace this loss and strengthen one other depleted unit.

Roster after raiding East Anglia, Campaign Season 2

Raiding the Anglo-Danes

Cnut's Danish Vikings landed in East Anglia and attacked the local villages and crop fields, pillaging the lands of their weaker neighbours, as is traditional among their people. The land was almost exclusively defended by peasants, albeit led by one single brave Warlord, who was after a while supported by a handful of better-equipped warriors. Driving them back, the Vikings slaughtered the warriors and finally Cnut came personally face to face with the leader of the enemy. Without warning, the Anglo-Danish Lord charged, apparently seeking Valhalla. Unfortunately, before Cnut could react, the charging Warlord slipped on the wet patch of blood his levy had left when running away from the Vikings, and unable to recover his balance, fell on top of Cnut's axe, tragically ending his own life.

Or so the Vikings say.

Whatever the truth, it is certain the norns continue to weave the fates of our Warlords in surprising ways!

The Danish Vikings win Harry and Burn against the defending Anglo-Danes. They gain +3 points of Wealth and +1 CVP. Post-battle losses mean that two of their Warrior units ust be merged together. Attempting to recruit more troops, they spend 1 point of wealth and trust to the gods. Loki, appreciating a good joke and knowing how much Cnut despises Levy, duly arranged for eight of them to join the Danish roster...

The Danish Vikings roll Upgrade Levy on the Fate table at the end of the Campaign Season, which they choose to decline.

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