"I suppose if we had lost the war, I would have been tried as a war criminal. Fortunately, we were on the winning side." - US General Curtis LeMay

The Danish Vikings

Roster after the Anglo-Danish raid, Campaign Season 3

Campaign Season 3

The Danish Vikings make plans to raid their neighbours across the northern sea, the Icelandic Vikings, at Bulandsness. But early in the season, before their ships set sail, they are themselves raided by Alfred's Anglo-Danes, bent on revenge.

The Anglo-Danish Raid

The greedy Anglo-Danes, seeking to enrich their coffers, had looked jealously at the rich and fertile lands of Denmark for some time and, with a blood feud against Cnut, it was perhaps inevitable that Alfred's warband would attack. The raiders caught the defenders by surprise this time, not last by their uncharacteristic use of caution and tactics in battle. Despite their fierce resistance the Vikings were beaten and the raiders made off with much wealth.

The Danish Vikings lose Harry and Burn to the Anglo-Danes. They lose 1 point of Wealth. Cnut lost one berserker, one hearthguard and two warriors. He replaced the berserker and the hearthguard during the post-battle recruitment.

Roster after the invasion of Jutland, Campaign Season 3

The Battle of Jutland

Reeling from his defeat by the Anglo-Danish raiders, Cnut's anger turned towards Leif's Norse Gaels, whose small but determined force had landed on the coast of Jutland intent on taking that province for themselves.

Cnut hastily gathered his men together and deployed them defensively on a wide plain between two hills in the way of the advancing Norse Gael invaders. He would stop them, whatever the price. The enemy closed the distance rapidly, and a mighty and very bloody melee ensued. Our skald, who was watching from one of the hills, where ravens were gathering for their post-battle feast, has recorded the tale of the battle here for posterity. Many were slain, even the mightly Cnut falling beneath Leif's blade, until not a single Dane was standing on the field.

Cnut did somehow manage to survive, limping off the field with a severe wound. He lost 1 berserker and 2 other hearthguard, and 2 warriors. He recruited 2 hearthguard during post-battle recruitment, one of which replaced a berserker. Cnut is now severely wounded, and loses one attack die permanently. He is also now compelled to defend during Campaign Season 4 while he recovers from his wounds.

Note that the Danish Viking land score is not reduced even though they have lost Jutland. As this is a home province for them it only counts as 1/2 point of Land, and as we always round up in Saga, Cnut's land score of 1 1/2 therefore remains 2.

Roster after raiding Bulandsness, Campaign Season 3

Raiding the Icelanders

Cnut was not sure which hurt more - the pain in his side from the wound he had taken on the field at Jutland, or the pain of two defeats this season, one of which had been in his own lands. He needed some good news, and without prospect of reclaiming land from the Norse Gaels this year, he continued with his wn plan of raiding the coast of Iceland.

It was not long after the Icelandic warriors had themselves returned from an unsuccessful raid that the Danes made landfall on the icy coast of Bulandsness, found a village or two to plunder, and were making their way back to their bats, when the Icelanders appeared. The enemy had identified a vulnerable crossing point at a narrow river, which might be readily defended, and set up their battle lines opposite, directly in the path of the Danes. Battle was swiftly met, and both sides fought bravely. There was a point when the tide looked in the favour of the Icelanders, but somehow the Danes were able to break through, finding passage across the river and fighting a path through to their boats.

Cnut's raid was successful, earning him two points of Wealth and 1 CVP for winning the battle. He lost one Berserker but immediately recruited a replacement, then spent 1 point of Wealth to recruit 4 Warriors.

Roster at the end of Campaign Season 3

For their fate roll at the end of the season the Danes roll Poor Harvest and therefore lose one point of Wealth.

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