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The Danish Vikings

Starting Roster, Campaign Season 5

Campaign Season 5

Cnut resolves to reclaim his lost homeland of Jutland and Invades this Norse-Gael held province.

Roster after the loss of Oldenberg

The Invasion of Oldenberg

The Norse Gaels invaded Oldenburg, seeking to expand their territory into Danish lands. The Danes were not a nation to take this easily, and a mighty battle was fought to hold the enemy at a river ford. Many men fell, including Gall-Gaedhil, bought by Norse Gael gold to fight with them. It was a close battle, with fate favouring the invader, and Cnut's forces were pushed back as Volla took possession of this new territory.

Cnut is now reduced to ruling over two home provinces, and loses 1 point of Land. The Vikings lost one Berserker, one Hearthguard, four Warriors and three Levy. They recruited twice to gain two HG and four warriors. The two levy units were merged after one was reduced to three men.

Roster after reclaiming Jutland

The Counterattack on Jutland

Intent on recapturing their lost homeland, Cnut led his Vikings in a counterattack on the Norse Gael forces in Jutland. The battle was set at 3 points and the scenario was Take the High Ground. After a hard-fought defence the Norse Gaels were overwhelmed and driven off, forced to leave this part of Danish soil.

Cnut gains +1 CVP and +1 point of Land as well as control of the province of Jutland. The Vikings lost one Hearthguard and two Levy. They recruited eight Levy with bows.

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