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The Franks

Starting roster, Campaign Season 3

Campaign Season 3

At the start of the season, because he is a hard ruler, Charlemal recruits an additional four levy. To follow-up the success of the last year's expedition, the Franks decide to cross the seas again, this time to raid the Icelandic Vikings at Svinafell.

Roster after raiding Iceland, Campaign Season 3

Raiding the Vikings in Iceland

This sea journey was the longest, moving from one corner of the map to the opposite, and so it was late in the Campaign Season when the Franks made landfall at Svinafell. In search of slaves to help with the wine harvest, they moved inland towards a tower, having learnt that this was where the peasants of that land were seeking shelter. The plan was to intercept and capture these peasants on their way toward that sanctuary.

Soon, the raiders reached the tower, only to find that just beyond it, Gunnblasdt, Jarl of the Icelandic Vikings, had set up position in wait. News of their landing must have travelled ahead of them. Gunnblasdt stood in the centre of his men, hearthguard and berserkers beside him, a screen of archers in the vanguard. The Franks advanced, two units of archers led by Charlemal himself to the right of the tower, near a small building, foot and mounted hearthguard taking position on the far left.

Before the Franks could act, the enemy began to shoot, and many arrows fell on the lead unit of archers, until only a handful of them remained, clustered around the banner, which they realised was not the correct one. Someone had left the proper Frankish flag at home, but it was too late to do anything about that now. These Frankish archers fell back quickly, out of range, while the other unit advanced into the building, leaving Charlemal alone and unprotected on the right flank. Meanwhile, out of sight of the enemy, Frankish knights charged forward, hunting down civilians.

The Icelanders, focussed on removing the Frankish archers, charged their berserkers against the building. Casualties were high, but the defenders held sway, and the berserkers were slain. Only then did the the enemy realise the danger - while they had been winning the fight in the centre, the Franks had slipped around their flanks, rapidly capturing slaves. Charlemal's knights had timed their move well, for they were able to fall back quicker than the enemy could approach, and they escaped with their prize.

On the opposite side, meanwhile, Jarl Gunnbasdt was taking matters into his own hands. Seeing Charlemal alone, he fancied his chances and charged, and a mighty duel was fought beyween those great Lords, while terrified civilians ran about around them. But Gunnblasdt had underestimated the difficulty. Heavily fatigued, he was vulnerable, while Charlemal, whom Steel Cannot Bite, and who had secured a stack of extra defence dice as well which it turned out he never needed, was not only well protected but able to deal the damage too. And so Gunnblasdt fell, severely wounded, and was duly trussed up and tossed onto the back of Charlemal's horse and taken for a slave himself, along with a selection of assorted peasants.

"I could do with a footstool to get on and off my horse," Charlemal declared. "The King of Iceland will serve very nicely in that role." And thus it came to pass.

Charlemal's raid was a success. Not only will the Icelandic slaves be a great help with the wine harvest but he gains +1 CVP for the win and with a reasonably lucky roll he also gains +2 Wealth from the raid. He lost three Warriors and therefore removes one of the four-man units on his roster and merges the one remaining man with his 7-strong warrior unit. He recruits 2 Hearthguard but chooses to only add one of these to the roster.

The Frankish skald has composed a version of the tale of the fall of Gunnblasdt which you can read here. Subsequent to particular assertions made by the Frankish Lord, the skald's ability to make his poems rhyme is now considerably improved when compared with the first Chapter of the Song of Charlemal.

Roster at the end of Campaign Season 3

For the Frank's fate, Charlemal rolls Revolt!, but the Hard Ruler trait allows him to convert this to a Choose result. He chooses Fame, giving him one additional point of Reputation.

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