"My rule is: If you meet the weakest vessel, attack. If it is a vessel equal to yours, attack. And if it is stronger than yours, also attack." - Stepan O. Makarov, Russian Admiral

The Franks

Starting roster, Campaign Season 4

Campaign Season 4

At the start of Campaign Season 4, Charlemal's hard ruler trait means that he recruits a further four levy to his roster. He chooses to add two of these to his 10-man levy unit and decline the remainder.

This year the Franks plan to raid the Danish Vikings in Skania.

Roster after repelling the Anglo-Danish raiders

Defending Holy Ground

Before Charlemal could lead his raiding warband across the sea, he was forced to defend an area of holy ground, a hill surrounded by ruins, against Anglo-Danish raiders. The Franks were quick to control one of the ruins, while the hill and the other ruin, now little more than rocky ground, were hotly contested with the enemy. Eventually, the Franks prevailed, driving the enemy away.

Charlemal successfully defended his province and gains +1 CVP and one point of Reputation. The Franks lost two Warrior archers and one mounted Hearthguard. They recruit a new unit of 2 mounted Hearthguard.

Roster after raiding Denmark

Harrying and Burning the Danes

Having seen off the Anglo-Danes, Charlemal's men were keen to join battle again and it was with high spirits that they landed on the shores of Skania in distant Denmark. At a small village, they were met by a defending force of battle-weary Vikings led by their Warlord Cnut, who was still suffering from his wounds. The Vikings set up a strong defence within the village, but were unable to respond in strength to Frankish hit and run tactics, as Charlemal's men charged from a distance, set light to buildings and fields, and swiftly ran back to safety again. Time and again the raiders played this game, until finally the buildings were all aflame and all but one field was burning. Letting the peasants run for their lives, the Franks made back to their boats laden with plunder.

Charlemal's Franks raided Skania defended by Cnut's Vikings. The scenario was Harry & Burn. Charlemal was victorious and gained +1 CVP and, with a fortunate roll of the dice, +2 points of Wealth. His warband lost one foot and one mounted Hearthguard. He recruited two foot Hearthguard as a new unit.

Roster after fate rolls

Charlemal's roll on the fate table gave Warlord Experience, and he chose to roll for a Special Ability, gaining Inspiring Presence.

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