"A slipping gear could let your M203 grenade launcher fire when you least expect it. That would make you quite unpopular in what's left of your unit." - US Army Maintenance Manual

The Icelandic Vikings

Starting Roster


Though the name of Gunnblasdt the Savage was feared throughout the barren lands of the far north, his fame had been slow to spread to those living in the lands to the distant south. Other than by Leif, Lord of the Norse-Gaels, his blood brother, the Godi of Iceland was only known by reputation: a fierce man, as tough in battle as the weather in his homeland; a Warlord mentioned only occasionally, in tales told around the fireside on dark winter nights. The harsh climate of Gunnblasdt's homeland was certainly one of the reasons for his reputation, for it takes a tough people to survive the icy nights of a land where the sun itself disappears for days in the depths of winter. And the last winter was especially hard for the people of Iceland. Many good men died, their livestock, wives and children perishing with them, and the land was made barren by relentless ice and frost.

Later, when the spring arrived, Gunnblasdt and his men took stock. Much had been laid waste, but all was not lost, for the hulls of their longships remained strong. Now, without farmland to tend, the men were free to raid and plunder foreign lands, as Norsemen will. And so, swords and spears were sharpened, and shields made strong, and the Godi sent word to his Oathsworn, Leif, to be ready to join him in battle in the year ahead, together to raid and conquer richer lands.

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