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The Icelandic Vikings

Roster after raiding Dalraida, Campaign Season 1

Campaign Season One

Gunnblasdt chooses to raid the Scots in Dalraida. Perhaps he is coming to the aid of his blood brother against the enemy that threatens to invade his land, or maybe his longships have become distracted by plunder along the way...

Raiding Scottish Shores

In those last days of winter, as the snow and ice gradually receded, progress was made, but slowly. The longships were finally repaired, strengthened, waterproofed, and made ready for the journey south. For weeks the men laboured, loading provisions for the journey, weapons and shields for the venture. And finally, later than planned, offerings were made to the gods, and farewells to loved ones, and the dragon-prowed war vessels of the Icelanders hoisted their sails and set out to sea at last.

The crossing was rough, as is usual in the early part of the year across the deep ocean separating Iceland and the islands to the south. Undeterred, Gunnblasdt's fleet fought its way across the open sea, braving its wind and waves, and withstanding the worst of the weather, making its slow progress towards the shelter of the barren islands off the west of Scotland. Here, they anchored, refreshing their supplies, taking time to rest and repair the damage their ships had taken from the battering sea. It was here that they heard news of the Laird of Clan Tavish, the blood feud he had sworn against Leif, Gunnblasdt's blood brother, and rumours that the Scots were making preparations for war, to descend out of the highlands to invade the lands of Strathclyde. Joining forces with Leif to raid was suddenly no longer a priority; instead, Gunnblasdt now saw an opportunity to help his oathsworn by taking the fight to the Scots. And so the Icelandic fleet moved further south, hugging the coast, until they found a sheltered cove. Weighing anchor, they made their way ashore an inland, where they knew there were farmsteads rich ion cattle and sheep that they could plunder.

Following the left bank of a river, about a mile inland they heard news of a Scots warband moving in their direction from the north, on the other side of the river. Some distance upstream, as the river followed a wide curve, there was a shallow crossing-point; a strong defensive position. The Vikings picked up their pace in an effort to get there first, but by the time they had arrived, the Scots were ready for them. Gunnblasdt's men fought bravely, throwing themselves at their foe, but they could not break through to cross the river. Held back, with several of their number dead, and no hope of victory, they retreated back to their ships, and made their slow way back across the sea to home.

The Vikings lose the Battle at the Ford against the defending Scots.

Gunnblasdt may have been aggressive and impetuous, but it was his wisdom that had led to his being made Godi in his homeland. Now, he used that wisdom; the failure of the year's raiding was unacceptable and he would take steps to see that it did not happen again. Over the winter he took counsel of his elders, and when spring of the following year arrived, he had more cunning in battle and was more ready for the seaon ahead than ever before.

The Vikings roll Warlord Experience on the Fate Table at the end of Campaign Season 1. Gunnblasdt chooses to roll on the Special Rules table and gets The Penny.

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