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The Icelandic Vikings

Starting Roster, Campaign Season 4

Campaign Season 4

With the loss of Gunnblasdt, Iceland is plunged into chaos over the winter. The people suffered as rival warlords competed for control. For a brief time, supported by a popular rising, Magnus Magnusson became Jarl, overthrowing the house of Gunnblasdt, but this was not to last. Before the end of the winter, he was himself usurped by the warlord Bjorn Ironsides. There are rumours in some quarters that in becoming Jarl he may have been aided by the Norse Gaels, for Bjorn is a blood brother to Leif, as was Gunnblasdt the Savage. And as the snow recedes once again and spring returns, so a new hero rises. Bjorn Ironsides now takes the helm of this revitalised nation, seeking to make Iceland glorious once again.

The Icelandic Vikings effectively now begin the Campaign again with a brand new starting roster.

Bjorn decides that his men will raid the Anglo-Saxons in English Mercia.

Roster after the Scots conquer Bulandsness

The Scots Invade Bulandsness

The peace of Iceland, under its new Jarl, was soon broken when Scots ships were seen on the horizon. Bjorn Ironsides hastily raised a force to defend the beaches at Bulandsness, where a mighty battle was fought at the place where the Scots made land. Both warlords fell in battle, Bjorn retiring badly wounded from the fray. Unable to repel the Scots, the Vikings fell back and conceded the province to their enemy.

The Icelandic Vikings lose control of the province of Bulandsness. Bjorn suffered a serious wound and permanently reduces his Aggression by 2 to 6. Being War-Toothed, he is not forced to Defend in Season 5. The Vikings lost one Berserker, one Hearthguard, one Warrior and three Levy. They recruited one Berserker and one Hearthguard.

Roster after raiding English Mercia

Raiding the Anglo-Saxons

While their enemy was occupied with the invasion of Danish Mercia, Bjorn's Vikings had cunningly sailed around the coast and soon landed on the shores of English Mercia, raiding for gold and slaves. Learning of many men working the fields inland, they mobilised their forces for a raid. But in her wisdom Aethelflaed had moved swiftly, and the Anglo-Saxon enemy was in position to defend when the raiders approached. A mighty battle was fought before a church, towards which the peasants advanced seeking sanctuary. The Vikings threw themselves into the fray, with little care for their own safety. Many fell on both sides, including brave Bjorn himself, who had advanced into the enemy lines beyond the protection of his own men. A true Viking, Bjorn Ironsides battled men on all sides, at last falling to their blades. Severely wounded a second time, this brave and mighty Warlord was escorted from the field by the last of his loyal bodyguards as the raiders retired empty-handed to their boats and the long journey home.

Bjorn Ironside's Vikings unsuccessfully attempted to raid English Mercia defended by Aethelflaed's Saxons, in the scenario Sanctuary. The Vikings lost 1 Berserker, 2 Warriors and 2 Levy. They recruited 1 Berserker and a further 4 Hearthguard who join their existing 4-man Hearthguard unit. Bjorn was seriously wounded for a second time this season, and as a result his Aggression is now only 4. If he carries on at this rate he'll need a wheelchair!

Roster at the end of Season 4

At the end of Season 4 the Icelandic Vikings have a Good Harvest and gain +1 point of Wealth.

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