"Aeroplanes are interesting toys but of no military value." - Marshal Ferdinand Foch, Supreme Commander of Allied forces, 1918

The Icelandic Vikings

Starting Roster, Campaign Season 5

Campaign Season 5

The Icelandic Vikings decide to defend during Campaign Season 5. They gain +1 point of Wealth from increased trade during the year.

Roster after the Scots invade Hrafnkelsstead

The Scots Move Inland

Bjorn Ironsides and his brave Icelanders sought to defend their homeland from the continuing onslaught of the invading Scots, in the province of Hrafnkelsstead. Bjorn found himself short of troops so spent one point of wealth to hire a mercenary unit. The battle was confused and ugly for the Vikings, who were sorely defeated and driven away, forced to give up their land to the invader.

The Icelanders lose 1 point of wealth paying for the mercenaries, and 1 point of Land for the loss of two homeland provinces. Bjorn lost one Berserker, two Hearthguard and one Warrior from his warband and recruited two replacement Hearthguard.

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