"Even if a submarine should work by a miracle, it will never be used. No country in this world would ever use such a vicious and petty form of warfare." - Admiral William Henderson, 1914

The Irish

Roster after defending against the Danes, Campaign Season 1

Campaign Season 1

The Irish choose to Defend. But they are raided by the Danish Vikings whose Jarl has sworn a blood feud against Conn.

Cattle-Raiding Danes Attack

It was not the news he had wanted that morning. Conn had only recently returned from a tour around his lands, where he had indulged in perhaps too many places a little too much of the local poitín. He was still recovering from the after-effects of the excesses of the adventure when he was informed of the Danish fleet that was raiding the coast of Connacht. He'd thought the heavy seas around Ireland would have kept raiders away until much later in the year. The blood feud the Jarl of the Danes held against him must be strong to bring them here so soon.

The Irish met the Vikings in the process of their raiding cattle from the fertile fields of Connacht. Unfortunately, the result was not a good one for them, and although the raiders were seen off, they left with all the cattle.

The Irish lose Cattle Raid defending against raiding Danish Vikings.

Conn prayed again. The elders of his men, whose faith was less strong, had forecast ill tidings ahead. There had been rain for weeks, and the rivers were at bursting point, risking flooding the fields. Grain stocks were low, many stockpiles having rotted because of the wet weather. The conditions that had led to poor harvests in Britain and Northern Europe threatened famine and flood in Ireland. The omens were bad, those old men were saying. But Conn's faith was strong, and he knew that his devotion could sway the tide. And so he prayed.

It was just before harvest time that God answered his prayer. The weather eased, the sun came out, and the harvest was satisfactory. Conn dismissed the elders, replacing them with devout, pious men. Those that trusted the old ways more than God had no place in his court. And now, his men looked at him differently, for Conn had shown them he was that much more than other men. Their King was close to God, for God had answered his prayer in their hour of need. Now they would follow him with the same devotion.

At the end of the Campaign Season, the Irish roll Famine & Flood on the Fate table. Because Conn is Devout, however, this does not count and he gets to re-roll. This time he gets Warlord Experience, and choosing to roll for a Special Rule, gains Inspiring Presence.

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