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The Irish

Roster after raiding Strathclyde, Campaign Season 3

Campaign Season 3

Turning their attention away from the Danish Vikings, the Irish decide to attack closer shores, and make plans to raid the province of Strathclyde.

The Raid on Strathclyde

It was a short distance to travel, and it was dawn when the Irish warband beached their coracles on the rocky coastline of Strathclyde. In silence, they made their way inland, where a Norse-Gael village was set in a small valley. The perfect target for a quick raid. The defenders were not ready for them, and the Irish swiftly attacked and made off with their plunder.

The Irish win Harry and Burn against the Norse Gaels. They gain 1 CVP and two points of Wealth. Conn lost two warriors, but recruited four during the post-battle recruitment.

Roster at the end of Campaign Season 3

The Irish roll Upgrade Levy on the Fate Table at the end of the Campaign season. Conn chooses to upgrade his four-man Levy unit to Warriors (Irish Wolfhounds).

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