"We have elements in Argentan. Shall we continue and drive the British into the sea for another Dunkirk?" - General Patton, August 1944

The Irish

Roster at the start of Campaign Season 5

Campaign Season 5

At the start of Season 5 the Irish gain +1 point of Wealth because of Ruaidhrí's Learn'd trait. This enables him to reactivate the Wolfhounds on the Irish roster.

The Irish decide to raid the Anglo-Danes in Suffolk.

Roster after raiding Suffolk

The Raid oin Suffolk

Ruaidhri's Irish raided Suffolk defended by Alfred's Anglo Danes. The Scenario was Harry & Burn, and Ruaidhri set the warbands at 4 points. Despite setting fire to one building and one field the Irish were seen off by the doughty Anglo Danes with heavy losses.

The Irish went home empty-handed, having lost two Warriors and three Levy. They recruited four Warriors including two wolfhounds.

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