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The Normans

Roster, Campaign Season 3

Campaign Season 3

The Normans are compelled to defend during Campaign Season 3 while Sir Sybald recovers from his wounds. They gain one point of Wealth for the additional trade that happens during this year of peace, and recruit an additional four Warriors to their roster. They are left alone by the other powers for this season.

Sir Sybald, after recovering from his wounds, once again sets off travelling, as is his wont. His journey this time is long and arduous, and he leaves his kingdom in the safe hands of another Norman lord while he is away.

Roster, end of Campaign Season 3

The Norman faction is taken over by Bruce at the end of Season 3 as Ben has moved to the north. Best of luck, Ben!

Sir Sibbald's successor, a Norman lord coming late to the party, known as Jean le Tard, has now risen to take control of the faction. This Warlord, who has the God's Eye trait, makes fate rolls of Famine & Flood and Revolt. He choses Famine & Flood (as the lesser of two evils), so the Norman Land score is temporarily reduced by one point for Season 4. Jean assigns a banner to his 8-man Warrior unit.

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