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The Normans

Starting Roster, Campaign Season 4

Campaign Season 4

Jean le Tard declares his rightful claim of the crown of all England and orders his armies to invade the Anglo-Saxons in East Wessex.

Roster after invading East Wessex

The Conquest of East Wessex

The fates have decreed that Athelflead and Jean LeTard would meet in battle at the last moment of the Season, and it was as the first hit of winter was in the air when the Normans set sail in force across the channel. Following historical precedent, they travelled to the safe landing site identified earlier by the raids of Sir Sybald, and from there moved inland. They were met by a strong shieldwall of Anglo-Saxons, who fought bravely, but were ultimately driven back, and with this action Jean le Tard took control of East Wessex.

The Normans gain +1 CVP and +1 point of Land. They take control of the province of East Wessex. Jean's force lost 2 Warriors and recruited a new unit of 4 Warriors after the battle.

Roster at the end of Season 4

The Normans roll for a Relic on the fate table, and gain a Sacred Banner. This replaces their War Banner and is assigned to a unit of Hearthguard.

Roster at the end of Season 4

Finally, at the end of the Season, the Normans purchase the province of Danish Mercia from the Anglo-Saxons, at a cost of -2 points of Wealth. As a result of this purchase Jean le Tard is left with only one point of Wealth and must dismiss one of his Warrior units.

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