"If my soldiers were to begin to think, not one would remain in the ranks." Frederick The Great

The Norse Gaels

Roster after fighting off the Scots invasion, Campaign Season 1

Campaign Season 1

The Norse-Gaels choose to raid Jutland (Danish Vikings), while in turn they are attacked by invading Scots and Anglo Danes, and raided by the Welsh.

Leif made his plans for a venture; a raid across the eastern sea to Denmark, where it was told there was gold for the taking. His plan was to first join forces with his blood brother, and so he delayed, awaiting the Godi's arrival. But the weather eased, and spring came, and there was no sign of approaching longships from the north. The Vikings of Iceland seemed to have more enthusiasm for business elsewhere. With no sign of Gunnblasdt's arrival, the Lord of the Norse Gaels at last made plans for his fleet to set sail alone.

Invaded by the Scots

At home, as the days passed, Leif's watchmen became ever more wary as they scoured the horizon for approaching longships, but the first attack of the year came from the land. Blood-sworn as his enemy, a force of Scots led by the Laird of Clan Tavish invaded across the northern border.

Leif's response was swift. He assembled his forces in an area of sacred ground around a small church, where accompanied by his priest he prayed for God's guidance and fortitude in the battle to come. It seemed that his prayers were answered, for in the early hours, when the two armies met, the fight went his way, and the Scots were defeated, sent back home to their own lands.

The Norse Gaels successfully defend Sacred Ground against the invading Scots. They gain 1 CVP and +1 Reputation.

Roster after raiding Denmark, Campaign Season 1

The Raid on Denmark

It was time for the Norse Gaels to go on the offensive, and their fleet of longships travelled north and east, avoiding the land of the Scots and crossing the treacherous sea to Denmark. Landing on the coast of Jutland, they found a nearby village to plunder, and set about burning its buildings and crop fields. Their attack was swift, and the peasants tending the land were slow in calling for help. Though some Vikings fought to bravely defend their land, reinforcements only arrived as the attackers withdrew with their plunder, returning to Strathclyde with their spoils.

The Norse-Gael expedition to Denmark is a success. They Harry and Burn a Danish village and get away before Viking reinforcements arrive. They gain 1 CVP and +1 Wealth.

Roster after defending against Anglo-Danes, Campaign Season 1

Defending the Pass against Anglo-Danish Raiders

Within weeks of their arrival home, the Norse Gaels were faced with another threat. A force of Anglo-Danes, jealous of the neighbour, invaded Strathclyde across the border of Rheged. Fuelled by rumours of the weakness of Leif's men in battle, Aarold Steptoeson's Warband met the Norse Gaels at a high pass in that mountainous land. Leif showed himself to be Lucky again, as his men held off the Anglo-Danish invader, defending the pass successfully and defeating Aarold's Warband.

Leif's men successfully Defend the Pass against the Anglo-Danes. They gain 1 CVP and +1 Reputation.

Roster after the Welsh raid, Campaign Season 1

The Welsh Attack Strathclyde

Later that year, close to the end of the campaigning season, the Norse Gaels were attacked again. This time, Welsh raiders attacked northward into Strathclyde, in an attempt to capture livestock from the rich farms close to the coast. Once again, Leif's army was mobilised and travelled south to meet the enemy warband. The Welsh, habituated to attacking from the mountains and disappearing as quickly as they came, had escaped with their plunder by the time Leif's main force arrived, and though seen off, took many Norse Gael cattle with them.

The Norse Gaels unsuccessfully defend Cattle Raid against the Welsh. They lose one point of Wealth and must temporarily dismiss one of the units of Warriors on their roster.

At the end of the Campaign Season the Norse Gaels roll Upgrade Levy on the Fate table. As they have no Levy on their Roster, this is ignored.

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