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The Norse Gaels

Roster at the start of Campaign Season 4

Campaign Season 4

Leif's plan this year is to raid the Scots in Scots Northumbria.

Roster after raiding the Scots

The Cattle Raid into Scots Northumbria

Leif the Lucky led his warband in a raid against Scots Northumbria, seeking the prized highland cattle of that land. The Scots formed a strong defensive line and forced battle. Ultimately, Leif proved himself in the end not to have been so lucky. Not only did the cattle raid against the Scots fail, but thi great warlord fell in battle and was slain by the enemy. The tale of Leif's last battle has been recorded for posterity by the Scottish skald.

After the battle, the Norse Gaels chose to recruit a new unit of Levy to their roster, leaving their other units lower in numbers of men and meaning that one of their Hearthguard units, reduced to a single man, was merged with a larger unit. With Leif's demise, control of the Norse Gaels passed to Volla, Maiden of Frigg, a fearsome and independently wealthy shieldmaiden.

Roster after the Welsh invasion of Goddodin

The Welsh advance further inland

Volla took the battlefield for the first time, staunchly defending the high ground of Goddodin against the invading Welsh. Her warband, already weakened by the battle against the Scots, their spirits still low after the death of Leif, did all they could to control the battlefield, but the enemy was too strong and at last they had no option but to concede the field.

The Norse Gaels lose 1 point of Land and the home province of Goddodin. They lost 3 Hearthguard and 7 Warriors, so Volla spent 1 point of Wealth to recruit twice, rolling on the random table and gaining 9 Warriors.

Roster at the end of Season 4

The Irish, who had intended to Raid the Norse Gaels in Jutland, failed to turn up in time, and so no battle against Conn's warband was fought and Danegeld was paid. Volla gains +1 point of Wealth. At the end of the Season the fates decree that the Norse Gaels upgrade one of their units of Warriors to Hearthguard.

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