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The Norwegian Vikings

Norwegian Viking Lands:

  • Hedemark
  • Telamork (Bergen)
  • Vestfold



Campaign Season 1

Campaign Season 2

Campaign Season 3

Campaign Season 4

Campaign Season 5

The final leader of the Norse Vikings remains unknown, having succeeded the brief rule of Vikar Fastulfson, who was slain in battle against the Franks. Vikar succeeded Floki Ubbasonsson, who inherited the Jarldom from his father Ubbason the Bastard, invalided by his wounds at the end of Campaign Season 3. Ubbason had previously succeeded his father Ubba Goldtooth, who was slain in battle during Campaign Season 2 against the Franks. This blood feud has hstory.

The home province of Firthir was lost to the Welsh in Campaign Season 5.

After so much hardship, to their credit the Norwegian Vikings ended the Campaign with 2 CVP, with their Jarl an Aetheling. Unfortunately, he was unable to claim any bonus victry points and ended in seventh place.