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The Scots

Roster at the start of Campaign Season 5

Campaign Season 5

Tavish follows up his successful landing on Iceland and invades Hrafnkelsstead.

Roster after invading Hrafnkelsstead

The Invasion of Iceland

The Scots continued their ivasion of Iceland by pushing north into Hrafnkelsstead. Tavish McTavish and his blue meanies invaded Hrafnkelsstead defended by the Vikings led by Bjorn Ironsides in a six point game. The scenario was The Watchtower. In a confused and rather one-sided fight Tavish became the victor and is now the ruler of Hrafnkelsstead.

The Scots gain +1 point of Land and +1 CVP. They lost one Warrior and recruited four Warriors.

The Scots skald tells the tale:

"Tavish McTavish Laird of the North stood at the edge of the woods looking towards the watchtower. "If we take this it opens the door into Hrafnkelsstead". "Aye", said Ewen, "but old Ironsides will not be happy after the last visit we made, he won't be caught napping a second time".

In front of Tavish stood the watchtower and on either side were small buildings. To the left the wood stretched closer to the tower and he sent his archers through the wood to cover his left flank. In the tower were a group of mercenary warriors and in the house on the left were a small group of Berserkers. "Those mad bastards will be hard to shift from there", thought Tavish "hopefully the archers can whittle them down before they do too much damage".

Tavish approached the tower with a unit of warriors to his left and the remainder of his force covering his right, On the far right a unit of warriors approached the right hand house, realising that it was deserted they ran in to hold the right flank.

Surprisingly the archers saw Bjorn Ironsides standing between the tower and the left hand building. Tempted by the early opportunity to gain favour with their Laird they shot a volley at him. Fortunately for Bjorn they missed and he quickly got inside the watchtower.

The second volley was aimed at the tower and its occupants, but the Vikings called upon Odin who caused the archers to be exhausted. However, by now several of Tavish's units were within range and used Reach to hurl javelins into the tower with devastating effect this was followed by a charge from the Hearthguard. Although pushed back it reduced the mercenary warriors down to two.

Bjorn, realising that he would lose the tower quickly called the berserkers from the house, who ran across the gap and into the tower. More arrows fell into the tower killing two berserkers. Enraged they charged out of the tower straight towards Tavish. Tavish, brave warrior that he is, stood his ground and fought valiantly against these two crazed Vikings. Although suffering a heroic wound he killed them both.

The left hand warrior unit seeing the house abandoned by the berserkers headed towards it. At last some good news for Bjorn a unit of warriors had arrived as reinforcements and he quickly called them to reinforce the watchtower.

By now the Scots warriors had reached the house and took possession of it. As they rested they saw a small unit of Viking hearthguard approaching. Another unit of reinforcements. Realising that he need to retake the house Bjorn sent his hearthguard to attack the house. The attack was short lived as the seven scots warriors in defence of the building completely wiped out the 4 hearthguard with no loss.

A third unit arrived from the Viking reinforcements and again Bjorn sent these hearthguards towards the scots warriors in the house. Again the fighting was bloody and although not all the hearthguard were slain the scots held the house.

Realising that all was lost and that nothing Bjorn did now would stop Tavish, he conceded and left the field. Hrafnkelsstead belonged to the scots.

Tavish McTavish Laird of the North stood at the top of the watchtower. "This is becoming a bit of a habit. If we carry on Ewen we could hold all these lands. Wouldn't that be a fine thing?"

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