"Why does the Air Force need expensive new bombers? Have the people we've been bombing over the years been complaining?" - George Wallace

The Welsh

Starting roster, Campaign Season 2

Campaign Season 2

Caradog was pleased. The raids of the previous season had gone well, and he was keen to build on that success in the year to follow. For a moment he had toyed with the thought of raiding Ireland, after he had sent their simpering emissaries back to that land. The Welsh needed no alliances at this time. But raiding them for slighting his pride would have been petty. His ambition was greater than that, for this year he would travel further afield. News had arrived of the wealth of the Jarl of Norway, and Caradog would send his fleet to that land to raid this time.

The Welsh choose to raid the Norse Vikings at Firthir.

Roster after raiding Firthir, Campaign Season 2

Raiding the Norwegian Vikings

The Welsh had sailed their fleet for many days to surprise the Vikings in the earliest days of the Campaign Season. They had rounded the coast of Wales, Strathclyde and Scotland, and crossed the open sea, to reach the bountiful shore of Firthir. Their dragon headed ships, decorated with images of mythical beasts, fighting warriors, and leeks put ashore near a small hamlet, as warriors grasped their weapons and set up the beach towards the houses and fields, to plunder and pillage.

The surprised Vikings did all they could to resist, but the Welsh raid was strong and swift, and they escaped with their plunder before they could be held back.

The Welsh raiders win Harry and Burn against the Norwegian Vikings. They gain +2 points of Wealth and +1 CVP. During the reinforcement phase they choose to spend 1 point of wealth to replace their battle losses and add a further four Warriors to their roster.

Roster at the end of Campaign Season 2

At the end of the Campaign Season the Welsh roll on the Fate Table and get Flood & Famine. Their Land score is decreased by one point for the following Campaign Season.

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