Much to the annoyance of his ally General Canrobert, Lord Raglan would consistently refer to their common Russian enemy as 'the French' - Christopher Hibbert, The Destruction of Lord Raglan

The Welsh

Starting roster, Campaign Season 4

Campaign Season 4

Caradog follows up his success against the Norse Gaels by invading further into their lands at Goddodin.

Roster after invading Goddodin

The Invasion of Goddodin

The Welsh continued their drive deep into the lands of the Norse Gaels, pushing into the northerly province of Goddodin. Caradog took the largest force he was able to muster and led the attack to take the high ground from his enemy. The relentless Welsh advance could not be stopped, and the Norse Gaels retreated, giving up ground as many brave men fell, and soon leaving the Welsh in control of this new land.

The Welsh gain +1 CVP and +1 point of Land, and take control of the province of Goddodin. Having suffered no casualties at all, Caradog rolled once on the random table for recruitment and gained 8 Warriors.

Roster at the end of Season 4

The Welsh roll Flood & Famine on the fate table at the end of the Season and must temporarily reduce their Land score during Campaign Season 5.

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