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Rules Amendments and Clarifications

When this campaign started, it used the Saga: Dark Age Skirmishes rules, as amended by rules clarifications in Saga: The Crescent & The Cross. The basic campaign mechanism was that presented in Age of the Wolf, which was subsequently modified by incorporating additions from the fan supplement Head of the Serpent. Following play testing, we made a lot of other changes to the whole package as well. The whole of this is what originally made up Eye of the Raven.

The Eye of the Raven campaign underwent a significant overhaul at the end of Season 3 because of the release of version 2 of the Saga rules. All the rules and scenarios were revisited accordingly and a lot of changes were made. It's still not perfect but it makes for a good way of getting to play more games and learn the rules.

Resources for the Eye of the Raven campaign are available on our members page.

Our campaign is set in Western Europe and allowed players to choose from the following factions: Anglo-Danish, Anglo-Saxon, Frankish, Irish, Norman, Norse Gael, Scots, Strathclyde, Viking, or Welsh. We deliberately excluded Bretons and Jomsvikings from this list.

Eleven players joined the campaign, with most taking a different faction. Three players chose to take Vikings, and nobody opted for the kingdom of Strathclyde.

At the end of Season 3 we made some minor amendments to the rules as we were finding that the different flows of wealth, reputation and land were uneven and had implications for different motivations. These rules significantly changed the way bonus campaign victory points were awarded. Retrospective changes were made to the leaderboard and historic rosters. At the same time we dropped the Hazel Wands scenario which nobody was happy with.

Campaign Map

The campaign map from Head of the Serpent was modified to allow for these choices of factions and to facilitate other aspects of campaign management. Changes made to the original map were as follows:

Campaign Co-Ordinators and Umpire

To help manage the campaign and ensure information is handled openly and fairly, key information concerning the campaign is kept up to date an d avaiable via these web pages. Thi has meant that our campaign has created two roles for people who ensure the campaign runs smoothly.

The Independent Arbiter is a trustworthy person who is not playing in the campaign. They are there to help adjudicate any necessary dice rolling connected with the campaign and to take note of all players' campaign actions at the beginning of each campaign season. For our campaign, Bruce is the Independent Arbiter.

The Campaign Co-ordinators ensure that the necessary after-game and campaign season actions occur and are recorded, and that rosters are kept up to date. This includes updating the relevant campaign information (rosters, maps, leaderboard) on these web pages. Players MUST inform one of the campaign co-ordinators when a campaign game has been played, and of any outcomes that have been determined. For our campaign, Jon and Andy are the Campaign Co-ordinators.

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